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Grain Production

Orchard & Farm Market Hours

Open Monday-Friday 9a-6p & Saturday 9a-4p (closed Sunday*)

*exception: Open Sunday June 30 11a-3p 

Special Hours on July 4th 9a-2p

Grain Production Over 2000 acres of the land farmed by Flinchbaugh Farms


Over 2000 acres of land farmed by Flinchbaugh Farms is devoted to the production of corn, soybeans, wheat and hay.  These products are marketed to other local businesses for use as feed or bedding for chickens, pigs, and cattle, or in the case of wheat, to be made into flour.

WorIMG_5940king with landowners

Flinchbaugh Farms works with many local landowners.  We offer competitive land rental rates in return for the opportunity to grow crops on their land.  We strive to maintain the properties of our landowner partners in top condition while providing them with a good return.  We work to keep the soil productive and the properties looking good.  In short, we take pride in doing a good job.  As a growing business, we are always striving to find additional landowner partners to work with.  If you are a landowner in York County we welcome you to contact us to learn more about how we farm and what we can offer you.

Sustainable Practices

Sustainability is one of the core values that the Flinchbaugh family practices in the operation of our business.  We believe in the importance of preserving and building the soil so that it is there for future generations.  We believe in protecting the quality of both the streams that run by our fields and the groundwater that lies under them, and we believe in the prudent use of resources such as fuel and fertilizer.  We meet these goals in our grain production business through the use of the following practices:

Soil conservation plans and manure management plans:

  • Crop rotationMaintaining grass waterways during the season
  • Contour planting
  • No-till farming
  • Grass waterways and diversions
  • Stream side buffers
  • Cover crops
  • Nutrient application based on soil and tissue testing
  • GPS yield monitoring and mapping
  • GPS aided nutrient application
  • Integrated pest management

We utilize these practices not just on the land we own, but on the land we rent as well.  We strive to maintain and build the quality and productivity of the land of our landowner partners as if it were our own.  Here we explain in further detail for Flinchbaugh Farms – How We Grow.

We encourage you to contact us to learn more about how we farm, and how we can work with you.  Contact: Julie at (717)252-2540.

Ritchie unloading Corn at harvest time