Providing premium Orchard Grass/Fescue Mix to the small pet owner, equine industry or large animal operator.

Orchard Grass: A common used hay, low moisture, high fiber.

Grass, Timothy, Fescue Mix: A blend of grass, timothy and fescue for a balanced fiber source and a healthy digestive tract.  The mix is a popular horse feed.

Timothy Hay: A common hay used as feed widely by horse farms, large-animal facilities and home owners for rabbits and guinea pigs.  Low moisture, high fiber.

Bale sizes available:
– Small bale – approx. 40-45 lbs (delivery from 50-200 bales/truck)
– 3’X3’X8′ – approx. 650 lbs (delivery from 6.5-7 tons/truck)

Contact us: enjoy@flinchbaughsorchard.com or 717-252-2540.


Our high quality straw is for use in gardens, homes, and stables.

You can use straw for:

  • Bedding. Dogs, chickens, cats, rabbits, horses, sheep, goats, etc.
  • Composting. High carbon source for composting.
  • Frost Protection. Use around bedding plants and shrubs to minimize frost damage.
  • Insulation. Use around dog houses or buildings.
  •  Concrete curing. Aids in concrete curing in cold weather.
  • Mulch. Use as mulch for vegetables and flower beds to prevent weeds.
  • Lawns. Use as a cover when seed lawn grass
  • Silt Fence and Erosion Control.
  • Soil Amendment. Increases tilth and organic matter, and holds moisture.

Bale size available:
Small bale: 30-35 lbs  (delivery from 50-200 bales/truck)
3’X3’X8′ – approx. 500lbs  (delivery from 5-5.5 ton/truck)
3’X4’X8′ – approx. 750lbs (delivery from 5-5.5 ton/truck)

Contact us: enjoy@flinchbaughsorchard.com or 717-252-2540.

Shelled Corn

Shelled corn is the kernels alone, with no cob or husks.  Unlike sweet corn, the kernels are dry and hard.  Shelled corn can be used in a variety of ways.  It is a great food source for squirrels, deer, turkey, cows, etc.  It also can be used as the heat source in corn burning stoves.  It is sold in 50 pound bags, or can be purchased in bulk when ordered ahead. Contact us: enjoy@flinchbaughsorchard.com or 717-252-2540.


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